Monday, October 4, 2010

More silliness

Some more funny business from Neev & Keya

Lallow: Yellow
Dappa: yup, for some odd reason strawberry is still Dappa
Matatoes: you say tomato, I say matato
Over dere: in a very hip hop style!
That is my dada: Ritesh made me write that !
Neevie name is Neevie .. err
Neev: Mamma, don't go mamma. Me: I am not going anywhere Neev. Neev: Go where mamma :D?
Jay Jay Bappa gave mamma big nosie :D
Jally beans: permanent request

whee whee wheeee wheeeee
My side, my side: for all things cool that she wants on her side of the car :D
I get timeout: yes she doesnt get that getting timeouts is NOT cool :)
Keya looks pretty because she is mamma baby
Moya Moyaaaa for prayer time
Ok Ok: very ajji bai types!

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