Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 Year Milestones

Swimming: started lessons at 2 at the PA YMCA

Hiking: introduced them to their 1st hike in Alaska at 2

Potty trained (yup, it felt more work than a hike to us :P): Keya fully potty trained before she turned three. Neev right after he turned three. The only reason Neev got potty trained was to be able to go to a big school with his sister :)

Latest word silliness:
Cheeyaa: for Keya (hard to believe but true!)
whee whee wheeee everytime we go on a bridge....and I mean everytime!
I told you mamma, I told you to....: everytime his sister does something wrong

whee whee wheeee everytime we go on a bridge....and I mean everytime!

Saturday, August 6, 2011



This week N & K started pre-school at Windsor Academy - McKinley campus. I was beyond apprehensive about the move. Most of my concerns were around will they like the new place, was it the right choice, should we have sent them to a more formal school like Stratford and and and :D

But the 1st day rolled in, and they both absolutely loved their new school! It also surely helped that their 1st day at school was Whacky Wednesday day, where all the things at school were upside down and downright whacky! Even the kids had their shirts on backwards and the like.....aah what fun to be a kid again!

Day 2 was Splash day, and if that would not win N & K over, am not sure what would! Given their love for water, this was the perfect way to start school in their mind.
As for me, I like that they had a formal gym class right there at the school...that means no crazy back and forth diving to and from classes!!

Day 3 was Nature Walk Day, where N & K's main complaint was that the walk/hike was way too short and easy....go figure :D. But then these are also the same kids who end up sitting sweetly in a corner and reading books at a bday party while most kids around them are duking it out with faux swords :D

Praying that this happy school trend continues....stay tuned!

1st Hindi Movie

Last night we all watched Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya, one of R & my all time fav Bollywood movies. As always, Neev had little or no interest in the movie, but Keya was completely riveted! Its like she had stepped into a whole new world altogether.

She usually is the one who cant keep her eyes open past 9:30, but last night she was up till almost midnight where I saw her fighting to stay awake to watch the movie!

Bollywood movies, here we come !!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011


1st trip: Lake Tahoe (with Dada Dadi)at 3 months
1st big trip: India (with Mary) at 5 months
2nd big trip: HKK (with didi) & India at 15 months
1st Cruise: Alaska (with ajji and Aru) at 2 years
3rd big trip: London (with Amu) & India at 2.5 years