Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 2010

September 2010

Now that Neev & Keya are 27 months old, they are talking nineteen to a dozen...the questions have already started...what this mamma, what you doing dada :D

Latest cuteness:

Over dere, over dere (very ghetto style!)
Dappa; yup strawberry is still dappa :D
whee, whee whee whee in the ba ba black sheep tune
clenching right hand fist for emphasis
Mamma baby (consistently!)
Neev play dog: woof woof
I did it dadda, I did it
I fix it
Dadda fix it (for everything thats broken even if its a road!)

I do that Ok? Ok!
I ok mama
Don't worry about me mamma, I Ok
I no know it
False coughing for sympathy when Neev gets a real cough, or when I ask Neev if he is ok
Chotuu chottuuuuuu (t is silent with eyes all small like!)
Keya mamma baby (and if coerced by dad, Keya mamma-dadda baby :P)
Baby Nana: for bath baby
Baby Rose: for all other random babies
Keya play dog: Papad
I close the door dadda, door being a cap for a bottle
I wear myself: pants, diaper everything!


1st big poopy in the potty: September 2010..err yay
Now wearing Princess pull ups!

1st peepee in the potty: September 2010
Now wearing Buzz light yr pull ups!

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