Sunday, January 29, 2012

Almost 4 year old milestones


Neev can draw some pretty cool pics of mom and dad. They all look mostly bald and similar but hey I will take that !

He also has been drawing up a storm....making his mark (quite literally) on pretty much any surface he can wallet included!! His animal drawings are incredible bearing an almost likeness to the real deal.


Keya on the other hand is discovering a passion for running and man can that kid run. She actually outruns me (umm is it that or just me getting older :D). I can't wait to take her running every morning with me!!


Keya says Mera Naam Keya Hain & Main Tumse Pyaar Karti hoon with the heaviest accent imaginable. Most times she jumbles up the two sentences going: Main pyaar naam keya hain :D

Neev for some reason talks gibberish saying I am talking Marathi.err


Neev absolutely loves taking pictures. There was a day he took over 150 pics using my iPhone. National geographic photographer in the making?