Sunday, August 18, 2013


Birthday Memories 5th Bday - Celebrated with Ajji, school (Windsor Pre-school) and other close friends at Safari Run. What a fun party. Had an extended celebration in Puerto Vallarta with Aru in June 4th Bday - Bday on May 29th was at school with a Pinata, watermelon cake and plants. Later had an unforgettable birthday celebration at a horse ranch in Milpitas. Hottest day ever but an absolute blast with Aru, Ajji and friends 3rd Bday - This was one of the rare bdays without extended family. However they were sponsored the fire truck .. yes there was a real fire truck that came to celebrate with N & K. This was one of the most elaborate (and hopefully last one of this kind ;) with celebrations at Red Hot Chilli Pepper followed by the fire truck, face painting and balloon show

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