Monday, March 30, 2009



I am finally getting around to posting more about Neev n Keya's latest shenanigans, exploits and achievements! One of the main impetus for me to start writing this blog was to remember all the goofy, cute, amazing and not so amazing ;) things the kiddos are upto. Moreso I realized how quickly we seem to forget when they started sitting up, crawling, teething and the like. If nothing, its a helpful log for when folks ask things like: when did they start eating solids, walking, talking...and currently we scratch our heads and go ummmmm...

So here is my initial log of when what and how :D
1. 1st social smile: at around 3 months (or so we think ;)
2. 1st trip out of the home: July 10 to the temple (it was also mom's bday that day!)
3. 1st international trip: 4.5 months to India (via Korea). That was also about the same time they started laughing...I think the India trip really got them into lotsa giggles n laughs...i wish i had recorded some of Neev's amazing laughter everytime he saw my dad....or Keya's laugh everytime she saw this silly bright yellow smiley balloon stuck on the wall for their naming ceremony...
4. Started turning: at around 6 months
5. 1st solids: 6 months. Mom made this amazing bhardi mix which Neev just adored...Keya umm not so much ;).
6. Sitting and crawling: at 7 months. Keya started crawling way before Neev, but Neev caught up just a few days later..and once he did he mastered it with extreme gusto...Keyu still did the army crawl for a while...but Neev just went with the perfect baby crawl :D
7. Started standing and cruising the furniture: 8 months
8. Started talking: Keya's 1st word was agoooooo at about 6 months..they both started saying babaaa, mammaaaaa at around 7 months
9. Saying bye bye: Keya did the cutest aiy aiy with a wave at 8 months or so...Neev did a mini bye bye (no words) at 9 months
10. Teething: 9 months just about started...still waiting for their teeth to reveal themselves completely :).
11. Keya's ear piercing (hopefully her ONLY piercing ;): 10 months

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